Dress Code

General Dress Code
The dress code is in effect for the entire school day, signified by the first and last bell. Students will not be permitted to attend class if they are out of compliance with the school dress code.
For all clothing
  • Clothing must fit, not too small, not too big and no holes
  • Undergarments (including bra straps) must be covered at all times
  • Hats, head coverings or sunglasses may not be worn in the building
  • Jewelry or accessories with drug, alcohol, profanity, tobacco products or sexual messages are not acceptable
  • Must cover entire chest and shoulders
  • Must meet top of pants even with arms extended up (meaning no mid-riff visible)
  • No tank tops, sleeves are required
  • Must not sag and must fit properly at waist, not too big or too small
  • Ripped jeans that expose skin above mid-thigh will be considered a violation of the dress code
  • Must extend past mid-thigh (arm's length) and fit properly at the waist with no sagging (includes all athletic wear)
  • No frayed or cut-off shorts are allowed
  • Must extend to past mid-thigh (arm's length) when student is standing up straight
Dress Code Consequences
Dress code violations will be documents in Infinite Campus and students will be expected to fix the problem immediately.  If students do not have clothes to change into, parents will be notified and asked to bring different clothes to the school.  If parents are not able to do this, the nurse will provide clothing for the student to wear.  Parents will be notified about dress code violations and repeated offenders may be subject to additional disciplinary actions.