Book Club/Battle of the Books

Welcome to the Hornet Book Club Page!

Our Battle of the Books teams are set and ready to battle in our East library!  Battle rounds will continue until February 16th.  Please see the following schedule for dates for your team:

​Battle of the Books Schedule:
Tuesday, February 13:

        7th/8th:    Dragon Slayers____ vs. Undecided____

                        Bookie Wookies____ vs. Clockwork Set____

        9th:          House Slytherin____ vs. Bookaneers____

Friday, February 16:

        7th/8th:    Neon Pineapple____ vs. Blobby Dragons___

        9th:          F.H.A.T.____ vs. House Slytherin____
     F.H.A.T.____ vs The Bookaneers_____   
February 23:  Meeting and status update March 17:  Regional battles at North Junior High

Current Plans for March 17th BOB Location:  North Junior High, 1105 N. 13th St., Boise, Idaho  83702  Schools:  East, North, Fairmont, Riverglen   20 teams Start time: 9:00   Jennifer A. Nielson visit:  11:00 Food truck Final rounds in the afternoon