Dress Code

What to Wear at East Junior High
General Dress Code
The dress code is in effect for the entire school day, signified by the first and last bell. Students will not be permitted to attend class if they are out of compliance with the Hornet Dress Code.
For all clothing:
*Clothing must fit, not too small, not too big and no holes.
*Underwear must be covered at all times.
*Hats, head coverings or sunglasses may be worn in the building.
*Jewelry or accessories with drug, alcohol, profanity, tobacco products or sexual messages are not acceptable.
*Must cover entire chest.
*Must meet top of pants even with arms extended up (meaning no mid-riff visible).
*No tank tops, sleeves are required.
*Must NOT SAG and must fit properly at waist, not too big or too small.
*Must extend past mid-thigh (arm's length) when student is standing up straight and fit properly at the waist with no sagging.
*No running shorts.
*No frayed or cut-off shorts are allowed.
*Must extend to past mid-thigh (arm's length) when student is standing up straight.
***The purpose of the dress code is to minimize interruptions to the educational process. When students are dressed appropriately…we have no distractions and learning can take place.
***Professional judgment of East Staff will be used to enforce the dress code expectations.
Dress Code Consequences
First Offense
• Warning – will be documented in Infinite Campus and student must fix the problem immediately.
Second Offense
• Call home to parents.
• In-House Detention until fixed (school will not provide clothing; PE uniforms are intended for PE only and will not be an option to change into for the entire school day.)

Third Offense
• Call home to parents.
• In-House Detention for the remainder of the day due to insubordination.

Any violations after #3 will be considered a discipline issue.