Homework Philosophy

Homework has a specific purpose at East. Teachers assign homework as a practice of material and skills needed to succeed in the subject and improve test scores. Students are expected to complete their homework and turn it in on time.
Students should:
• Record all assignments in their handbook or agenda
• Check website for upcoming assignments and due dates
• Make sure they understand the assignments
• Turn in assignments when due
Parents should:
• Ask to see the assignments recorded in this assignment calendar
• Assist students in developing good study habits by providing necessary materials and a specific time and place for study that is free of distractions
• Contact the teachers or counselors when concerns arise
• Track student progress through the school district web based information system – Infinite Campus
Teacher Office Hours
Teachers at East Junior High will have office hours posted outside of their rooms. Each teacher’s hours will be different, however they will all have three times each week when they are available.  Office hours may be used in two ways:
• Teachers will be available in their rooms during these times for any student that comes in voluntarily for extra help.
• Teachers may also assign a student a specific time to come in for office hours if the student is struggling in class, missing work, or has a test or quiz to make up. If the student does not attend the assigned office hours, teachers may contact parents to develop a plan for making office hours mandatory for the student.  

School policy permits a student two days to make up class assignments for each day absent. Absent students may be held accountable for previously announced due dates on long term assignments.